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A Letter from Concerned Parents

     We are a group of parents compelled to write this letter for concern for our children. An Oct. 31 article in the Eagle Tribune stated that the high school has given its approval for a Gay-Straight Student Alliance club to meet at the school. "Our main goal is to educate," states Ryan Corsaro, one of the groups members. As parents, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate our minor children on issues of sexuality at the much greater vantage of maturity and experience.
     In July, 1996, Chapter 71 of the General Laws of Massachusetts was attended with Section 32A. It states, "Every city, town, regional school district of vcational school district implementing or maintaining curriculum which primarily involves human sexuality issues shall adopt a policy insuring parental/guardian notification. Such a policy shall afford parents or guardians the flexibilty to exempt their children for any portion of said curriculum through written notification to the school principal. No child so exempted shall be penalized by reason of such exemption." This group whose "main goal is to educate" exists outside of the curriculum and has no right to educate on such matters.
     The Tribune article states that "Members of the alliance are in the process of preparing a survey that will ask students what they think of gay and straight issues." We object to surveys being sent out to the entire student body. Surveys can de designed to elicit "preferred" responses, or to break down student inhibitions. Exampe question: How do you know you wouldn't feel comfortable having sex with another male (or female)? Is this tolerance? We argue that this is advocacy. Advocating risky behavior in this age of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, for which teens are at risk, in unconscionable. We quote a March 2, 1996, editorial from the Boston Herald: "For a public school to disseminate material encouraging 15-year-olds to experience homosexual sex is a reckless violation of the public trust and an egregious assault on the health, morals, and well-being of the students."
     As concerned taxpaying parents we ask that if this group is allowed to exist, a policy be set whereby it engages in no educational or semi-educational activites such as workshops, seminars, surveys, and distribution of written literature or audio visual materials.
     We thank you for your time. We look forward to your positive response.