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Trying to Set the GSA Straight

† † † † † North Andoverís first ever Gay/Straight Alliance was put into full effect this year. The group is ready to attract the issues of homophobia, stereotypes, and oppression against the gay/lesbian/bisexual community. The GSA has been very successful in terms of popularity with close to 40 people in attendance at the first two weekly meetings. The GSA hopes to attract even more members once people have a better understanding of the group. That is why it is so important for NAHS students to know about what is happening at the meetings. For some students, it is probably completely different from what they expect.
† † † † † To set everyone straight (no pun intended), the GSA is an educational social awareness group. The GSA was first thought of to be many things by unaware students. It was mostly thought to be a place for homosexual/bisexual students to talk of their personal gay pride in front of straight members. It is not a studentís fault for coming to that conclusion, but the GSA is not that in the least. According to the leaders and organizers of the group, "Knowledge of sexuality is not in the least bit important to the structure of this group." The GSA is mainly an organization of non-prejudice students supporting the idea of an alliance of all sexualityís everywhere. By using attained information from many sources, they propose to educate students in the lives and problems faced by the gay/lesbian/bisexual community. Issues include stereotypes, AIDS, STDs, and prejudice, and the attempt to abolish homophobia.
† † † † † Homophobia is a large problem at North Andover High School. As the saying goes, "People are afraid of what they donít know." At our school, this is absolutely true. It is estimated that more than half of the people that hate, ridicule, or criticize the gay lifestyle have net even met a homosexual. To find out the actual percentage of students who act this way at NAHS, surveys and other events will be presented throughout the year. A planning board has been elected and is ready to begin organizing these events.
† † † † † The GSA is ready to take action, and the students are encouraged to support the cause. Meetings occur on alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week and participation is confidential with request. Support the GSA because ignorance and prejudice should not be accepted at NAHS, but tolerance should be.