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pic 2

AGE: 16

YOG: 1999

     I don't have any hobbies anymore because now that school starts, I don't have a life anymore...I won't be able to leave the house, except to work at a dry cleaners or for some other lame chore, because I'll have to devote my life to my schoolwork, like my parents tell me to. But maybe on the weekends I'll go to shows or go out to eat with my friends or visit their houses...cause I don't usually have friends over to visit my house, because it really isn't all that great anyway...but I'll also see some of my friends at school during lunch or at the gsa or between classes, but other than that, it's not going to be very fun to be in school again. This summer has been wonderful, and if I haven't been spending time with Liz or sleeping over Nate's or going out somewhere with Jeralyn or having my last summer with Chad, then I've been enjoying the time I get to spend alone...when I listen to my records or watch my once-again-friend t.v. or try and beat Riven or give up on Final Fantasy 7 or forget to send letters to the people at breadloaf or whatever...and it has really been nice, and I know I am going to miss the summer that I thought I would I guess I'll see you at the meeting.