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1. Can a person look or act gay?
Yes 28%
No 51%
Not sure 21%

2. Is/Does a person . . .
Born gay 80%
Unwillingly become gay 2%
Willingly become gay 5%
Not sure 12%

3. Statistically, how many people do you think are gay in a group of 100?
1, 5-10, 9-10, 10, 14, 10-15, 17-20, 20, 25, 30, 35, 30-40, 40, 50, 98

4. What would you do if a friend told you that he/she was gay?
Keep your friend (nothing has changed) 85%
Distance yourself, but remain friends 0%
Drop your friend 2%
Other 12%

5. Should same sex marriages be allowed?
Yes 93%
No 0%
I don't care 2%
Not sure 5%

6. Should couples of the same sex who live together be parents?
Yes 88%
No 2%
I don't care 7%
Not sure 2%

7. Do you think that it is appropriate to show gay couples on T.V.?
Yes 93%
No 7%
I don't care 0%
Not sure 0%

8. Would you object to being taught by a teacher that is gay?
Yes 7%
No 93%
Not sure 0%

9. If you had kids, would you object to them being taught by a teacher you knew to be gay?
Yes 3%
No 97%
Not sure 0%

10. What would you do if someone of the same gender asked you out?
(Here are some randomly chosen responses)
"That depends. I've said yes, I've said no. for me, it depends on who the person is inside, not whats between their legs."
"I would be flattered."
"Say that I wasn't into that, but I'm flattered."
"Kindly say no."
"I would be interested because I am bisexual."
"Go out with her if I liked her."
"Well that depends. Being bisexual, I have no problem with it at all. I would probably be ecstatic."
"I would accept and hope that we had a great time."